Technically, I can think of better forms of straight muscle guy torture than tickling, like making a guy watch a video of himself being tickle tortured on YouTube. Now that's humiliating. Damn, those are some oiled up, bound, vulnerable feet. I wonder how the guy ended up in that situation. Maybe he tripped? Or someone put a trail of his favorite candy in a hotel room hallway, leading to the bed. And then history was made. We'll never know. (Hint: he did it for 20 bucks.)

At least this next one has the tickle victim striking back by going after the armpits of his tormenter. He seems to distract himself enough in his efforts that he forgets to pretend to be as ticklish as it seemed he was initially. It's almost like he finds it too difficult to do two things at the same time, tickle and laugh. I wonder if he can ejaculate and chew gum at the same time. Can anyone?

To quote some of the commenters on the next one:

  • "what did he do get tickle like that"
  • "What size are those edible looking feet?"
  • "Fuck!!! Is very sexy"

Is very sexy, indeed! If you're a foot pervert. Or giggle pervert. Or, better yet, a foot giggle pervert.

I've left what looks to be the most intense tickling for last. Yes, it's the infamous double brushing technique. Plus the rare hoodie/ski mask combo. That's a lot of shame for the tickler when the ticklee is super exposed. Seems unfair. Or maybe he's just trying to avoid getting oil all over his face.

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