Rap attack! Now why isn't Ariana Grande doing blockbuster team-ups with these faggoty, lyrical fellas? Maybe then people wouldn't say she was such a bitch, because she'd never look bitchy next to a gay rapper. Gay Pimp has been doing it for several years. Doing it and doing it and doing it well. He mixes singing and rap, like a one man homosexual band, with great taste in video himbos. Check out "Sexy Nerd" though do we really need convincing nerds can be sexy?

Cazwell has "No Selfie Control" nor chest workout control because he clearly can't stop that either. Everybody who wants Cazwell to stop taking selfies, put your hands up. No hands, huh? I expected as much. As rappers go, I like Cazwell's flow the best. And I've seen him live. He has a habit of taking off layers of clothes as he goes from song to song. This is a good thing.

Big Dipper takes the sleazy lyrics crown here and has the best use of slow motion. He's all about the music and just being himself. It ends up making a statement about body acceptance but he's said in an interview that's a side effect of him just being him. Rapping live in thongs. The sweatiest thongs in the history of thongs. Big Dipper is a superhero of rap. "Dick Hang Low" is my new anthem.

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