You're only going to think one thing watching these male contortionists. Which is how do any of them get anything done in a day besides sucking their own dicks. And that's probably true. They'd each be President or Prime Minister or CEO of something if they weren't so busy deepthroating themselves half the time.

What they fail to realize is self-sucking is a great platform to run on. After all, if everyone were this flexible and could self-suck at will (without needing to go to urgent care after) there would be no violence.

Okay, to be fair, I do think a second thing with these first couple of videos, featuring couples. Which is what kind of fuck positions to these guys get into? And more importantly, how much to watch?

And here's a solo one for spandex and bulge fetishists. And hell, throw in the twink fetishists too. This guy covers all the bases. He's a fetish home run.

You don't have to be a full-on contortionist to show off some flexibility though. Like this three-way daisy chain fuck. Put those guys in the circus and they'll be stars! Well maybe they'd have to fuck through some ring of fire or while on stilts or with a clown nose on. Every act needs a gimmick.

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