Berlin Casting is where several euro sites test out their models. Most of the shoots are solo, but once in a while, things don't go exactly as planned. Take this shoot, for example. Micha wanted to show the world what he's got, and for the shoot, Chris was invited to do the interview portion - to sort of help Micha get comfortable and relaxed on camera. Well, he got relaxed all right. After all, what could help a model relax more than a blowjob? Chris just couldn't resist, and next thing you know he had his face full of cock!

The truth is that Chris didn't try to resist very hard. After only a couple minutes, he had his tongue Micha's mouth and was using both hands to pull down Micha's pants.


Once both guys had less clothes on, Chris used one hand to stroke his own cocks while he sucked on Micha's, and believe me - both these guys were hot, hard and horny as hell!


Chris really showed Micha a good time, and Micha was more than happy to return the favor. Now it was Chris' turn to squirm and pump his hips forward as he feels Micha's hot mouth move up and down on his rod. Isn't that better than just giving an interview?


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