It's one thing to have tattoos where no one knows what the fuck they mean, but Active Duty recently featured a new porn model, "Axl", and his ink tells quite a different story... possibly a Nazi, racist one?

Well, it would be safe to assume that if you have one tattoo that might have some sort of racist meaning and not know about it, it's not really your fault. You might have just liked the design, but in Axl's case things are very different. The guy does have a lot of tats, but is it really a coincidence that 4 of his tattoos have racist and/or Nazi meanings behind them?

There are the '14' and '88' tattoos that Axl has on his chest that do have a Nazi meaning. '14' According to Anti Defamation League, means "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children." Then there is the '88' which means the eighth letter of the alphabet is "H." Eight two times signifies "HH, " shorthand for the Nazi greeting, "Heil Hitler."

Then there is the "Spider tattoo" on his elbow which has been found on or under the arms of racists who have spent time in jail according to the Anti Defamation League. Finally we have the "Celtic Cross" tattoo which is one of the most popular symbols for neo-nazis and white supremacists.


So, as you can see, the fact that Axl has all of these tattoos and simply 'not know' of their meaning either means he is very dumb or he was hard up for cash and figured he might as well curb his beliefs and work with the fags despite the fact that he might think they should all be killed or burn in hell! Who knows but the Dink of Active Duty did have this to say about the matter in reply to a comment made about the tattoos:

"You are absolutely right that I had no idea about the meaning behind Axl's tattoos. I see so many tats on these guys that I don't always inquire as to the meaning. To some, the tattoos have meaning, to others they get them on a whim or bet or just by being plain naive as to the true meaning behind them.

The next time I speak to Axl, which should be soon, I'll be sure to ask him what his tattoos mean to him. It is my thought that his answer will come with much naivety or regret or both."

We shall see where this story goes!

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