Cocky Boys Back In All Its Cockiness

rsz_untitled.jpgThe popular adult site announced this week that they're not just back. They're HD back. And their site is jam-packed with enough fresh anus to make you wonder just how true those rumors are - those so-called "expert rumors" we've heard about from those so-called enemies of hot anus. You know who you are. Don't make me name names. Meanwhile, the site promises 287 High-Definition Movies, 2852 High Res photos, six swans-a-singing and Elvis's first bonafide poop set to a lullaby by J-Lo.

Many of you, like I, associate the site with one of the most nefarious characters in gay porn history, Nicholay Petrov (I don't know if they are using his tapes mostly because, well, there is no search button). But I hope they are. What Nicholay Petrov did was indefensible (he robbed and beat up an elderly Florida couple he did not know), but he is still one of the sexiest God-damn motherfuckers to pass through this industry in a long, long time. I'm sorry, I can't help myself. It comes from somewhere within for which I have no, nor want, control. (I apologize, too, to the victim's family.) But still. There is something so unhinged about him sexually and it's enthralling. What can I say except that he channeled that energy darkly and now must live with those consequences.

We wish the new well and advise our readers to take advantage of their $9.99 trial membership while it lasts or before climate change comes to a city near you.


Yo, Get Hustla

The 3rd Annual Hustlaball has been announced and they will shortly be accepting nominations on their website - - for their three main categories: 'Best Performer,' 'Best Movie,' and of course the only reason for flying into a world-class city like Berlin so that you can accept the award for 'Best Website.'

While it is still too early for the actual nominating process, I would like to suggest, if I'm not being too bold that is, I would like to address to the Hustlaball Executive Committee In Charge of The Nominations why they have no honor bestowed to those of us who write about gay porn? Considering who's won before, it's not like you couldn't find someone at a moment's notice.

Just sayin'. (The awards will be held on Friday, October 21, 2011.)

Look, it's Mr. Pam at :04!!

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