Chi Chi's Seeing Double

Iconic screecher, Chi Chi LaRue has announced that steamy identical twins Liam and Luco Rosso (no relation to Marvin or Vernon Isley) will join his all-star lineup and debut in their first film together, "Brother Fucker," a closer look how the Brazilian film, "From Beginning To End," could have been exponentially more analicious had it had the vision and the courage of one of the most foremost experts on all things anal, Ms. LaRue.

I think what struck me personally was the all-but-blinding-absence of Jason Sechrest's familiar orb hogging up the entire frame (old news, I'm sure) and a return to the professionally drafted PR release minus the kind of hyperbole we save for coke highs and other indefatigable things.

"Brother Fucker" is the final product after a series of roll-outs featuring the rustic duo cleaning pea pods and sucking dick like it was about to be outlawed. Chi Chi needs a break. Let's hope this is it for her.


"The Hunt Goes Live"

Toby Morris, the marketing manservant for both Falcon and Raging Stallion Studios and his forward-moving lurch with the creation of "The Hunt", a one-stop online galleria of all the various content in all of its various forms from all the various productions houses - Falcon, Raging Stallion Studios and Naked Sword Original Programming - which reads like the engine room to the Star Fleet Enterprise: hot model galleries, feature film galleries and a FREE scene to download DRM-free or stream at your leisure. Sold. Just more color please. I've seen just about every shade of Beige, Cream, Eggshell, Ivory, Magnolia, Old Lace, Pearl, Seashell, Splashed White, Vanilla and True White I can take.


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