The Black Rayne Invasion


Things are getting all Applachian-sexy on us this weekend. First, just west of the famed mountain range in Memphis, Tennessee, the 901 Complex will be host this Saturday to the moist sexiness of Tigah and Black Rayne newcomer Bobby Drake to help promote "Diktator: Booty Stretchers, Volume 2" starring Hotrod, Daddy, Kryptonite, Shadowboi, Buttah and a range of other examples in DNA perfection. The event, which begins at 11P and goes until you can't, shines light on Black Rayne CEO Que Santiago's natural flair for marketing and is part of a larger evening entitled "Domination."

Also on May 7th, if you're Cleveland, be sure to skip the beer bars and microbreweries in Ohio City and skedaddle right over to Anatomy at 1299 West 9th Street and, according to Black Rayne's Communications Zen Master, Angel Cruz:

"On the roster is Black Rayne fan favorite Romance who will be pop, lock and dropping it for the audience in a strip tease bear it all show! That's gonna be hawt!"

BR star staples Trap Boyy and Cuban Michaels will be adding additional gasoline on the fire this Saturday as well. Free DVDs of "What Asses Are Made Of Vol. 1." And "Nutt in My Gutt" will be given away. Good times!


"Giants 2" Debuts

Those high-end productions keep-a-comin' from Raging Stallion Studios. This time? "Giants 2," a blockbuster that has all the actors you know in sexual positions you've seen before but with a certain cock-au-vin. Chris Ward, who I love quoting and who does all the work on these press releases, explained that "Giants 2" was filmed in Sonoma and co-directed by my personal favorite hairy Scorpio, Steve Cruz. (No relation to Angel from above, but they are both Scorpios.)

You know the cast - Marcus Mojo, Damien Crosse, Francesco D'Macho, D. O., Rusty Stevens, Tommy Defendi, and Angelo Marconi - you've seen the sexual liaisons, now go figure out how to get someone to buy the remarkably constant (and discounted) $49.99 DVD of "Giants 2" before your balls explode and your penis lands in a koi pond somewhere.



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