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There is something really kinda fucking cool about having an airport security machine in a gay porn scene. It's so, I don't know, "heightened alert." Something of mine was certainly heightened when I laid eyes on Jimmy 'Coxx' Clay who is exactly the person I would like to get me to the main 'second-inspection' area with my wire-tripping bag of dildos in tow. But Zak Blake, who clearly knew the bag was not filled with powdered eggs, proceeded to taunt established airport security law (EASL, I'm guessing) and became both dangerous to society and unfit to board the plane with his battery-operated dildos! Another potential explosion in the air averted!

Be sure to check out this new scene from Jet Set Men with Mister Clay as the tough-grunting airport security guy and Mister Blake as the...saboteur!

I picked this picture because of those Disney-esque drops of dewy, white goodness shooting up in from of Jimmy in something that looks less like cum and more like tiny pellets of, I don't know, Photoshop. Paging Tinkerbell.

Via: JetSetMen.com

Urine, Urine Everywhere

Steven Daigle and Conner Habib gay piss sex

Steven Daigle shows us several things by allowing Conner Habib to pee in his mouth in a scene from Michael Lucas's aptly-titled yellow flick, "Pee On Me." We learn that a) he will and can do it b) he's still eminently fuckable c) Steven appears to enjoy an almost child-like thrill at spraying pee from it's mouth after it's been adequately amassed d) Conner Habib is a good shot and, most importantly, e) big things await those ex-reality tv stars who maintain that can-do spirit! From the press release:

"Steven finds even more piss to let loose of and Conner is more than happy to take it in and spit it right back into Steven's face before bending him over and giving his ass a relentless fucking. They both are holding onto a seemingly endless supply of pee. They let it rain down on each other and are very vocal about how much they want more."

Seriously, that's a lot of urine.

Via: LucasBlog.com

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