The Crazy Things Straight People Do.

Welp. You knew it was coming. You just knew given the familiar contributions of well-meaning, often smoking-hot boys, doing things with current gay icons, see here and here for starters, that we'd get this quarter's dosage. This time, it's our men and women in uniform stationed in Afghanistan doing their Britney Spears-best to give us a new take on "Hold It Against Me." (I would never hold anything against you, Britney!) And speaking of new takes, that Latino guy in the beginning? Que Saboroso!


Scrub This!

dustin-zito.jpgIf you know the name Dustin Zito, it's probably as much associated now with MTV's Real World: Las Vegas (special 25th anniversary). But did you know that the network is "scrubbing" any visages of his scenes from whence he came: Apparently, much to the shock and horror of the executives who brought us depictions of under-aged nudity in "Skins," the thought of someone catching Viacom, MTV's parent company, endorsing a guy who does untoward things with his penis and other men. It's positively too, too horrifying to contemplate. Quick! An aspirin! (I wonder what sort of deal they struck with Fratmen? How much did Viacom feel it was worth? What lengths did they have to go to secure that deal?)

Anyway, here's a picture of Dustin Zito and his large penis. Don't lie. You know you want to touch it.


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