Porn Again Christian

When you work in porn and make money fucking and sucking off hot guys, you just might need a little support (and no I am not talking about a jockstrap). Some get that support from friends or family, and then there are others that turn to (who else?) Jesus for that moral support to get them through their long day of screwing gay ass.

Well, maybe not some, but model "Dwight" is the kinda guy that gets his support from theLlord above, and all the while films bareback scenes and certainly knows his way around hot HOMO ass! Yes, folks, Dwight is a "born again Christian", and this is what he has to say about himself on popular mainstream modeling site, Model Mayhem:

"I am a born again Christian and I truly believe Jesus is my Lord and Savior! I have a laid back personality and find that I get along with everyone. Modeling is a road I believe the Lord is leading me down and I am very excited to see where it leads me. I am willing to shoot just about any style of photography. All that I ask is my beliefs as a Christian are respected. I am a witness of the Lord and I do my best to strive and set an example according to his word."

Christian gay porn star barebacking

I had no idea that born again Christians were so down with gay porn. You could say that maybe Dwight was hard up for cash and filmed a quick solo scene for a quick buck and perhaps he put his "Christian beliefs" aside for a moment and just busted a nut. But he filmed 5 hardcore scene and all of them bareback. So, what gives? Are born again Christians really allowed to jizz all over dudes' faces and pound the gay mounds? I seriously have no idea, but one thing is for sure - Dwight is hot as fuck; if this is him striving to do his best and set an example according to the Lord's word, then all I have to say is: Hallelujah & the power of Christ compels you!

Source: The Sword

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