POPnography makes this month officially "Photographic Blog Month" here at the 'Editor's Choice Campus', in beautiful downtown Hot Dude, Mars. Damn. I am now wondering where I have been, officially, after running into so many of these marvelously engineered gay male photography blogs. Well, in any case, here is another arrival to my 'most-admired list'. This blog is authored by another enigmatic artist who is sparse with biographical or any personal details at all. But he is a most interesting fellow, nevertheless. His tastes are classic, but with a hugely chic sort of modernity which takes men and wraps them in impractical dress - or less - and reveals what we already knew but which gets magnified still: These guys are fucking hot! Extremely spare in design, it merely adds to the focus which is solidly engineered to present some extremely attractive and glamorous guys in intriguing lights.I clicked on his archive button above and that was more than a minor revelation. He has been at this for a while! Not only that, but his work remains completely consistent. Here is yet another man born to the blogging sort of style, illustrating a highly personal preference. I have to assume his very anonymity is purposefully added to cause some mystification, which fits well indeed with the gorgeous subject matter, which is subdued yet stylish in ways which surprise us. This guy is actually ahead of the curve. What a delight.

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