POP WIRED is a slick and fashionable as all hell blog originated by a couple of gay young men with happy hearts and a sense of gorgeousness in males. It appears they've taken a bit of time off blogging and - if so - it would be a shame. Their blog is fascinating, clean, artistic and shows us the state of the art cruising for the best-looking guys in the world of acting, music and entertainment in general. They have a nice, humble gift for understatement and they present their subject matter clearly and real well. One can definitely assume they enjoy their work. I personally hope they get back to work with this outstanding blog because they have a knack and an definite eye for male eye candy. Fresh and well-written, they back some social causes as well, providing space - and some courage - for the Gay and lesbian youth from Youth First Texas who demonstrated at a silent flash mob recently at the Rosa Parks Plaza to honor the National Day of Silence. I like their ball, so to speak, and wager we all will who take the time to peruse these pages. Keep it up, guys.

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