Fucking on a Pool Table

How many times have you been playing billiards in a bar and you just wanted to bend your hot opponent over the pool table and fuck his ass? In this video from Bang Bang Boys TJ is doing just that. TJ and Marcus are relaxing and having a friendly game of billiards. Marcus is having trouble making a shot, so TJ slides in behind him to coach him. But when TJ's pelvis presses into Marcus's hard butt, the curly-haired pool player has other things on his mind. He slides his hands under Marcus's shirt and leans forward, kissing the back of his neck. The two guys kiss passionately and within a few seconds they're standing in their underwear. TJ peels out of his underwear and lies back on the pool table while Marcus starts working on the blonde's fat cock. TJ is packing a 10-inch cock and it's super fat. Marcus manages to swallow that huge dick and gets it good and hard. He wants to feel that monster sliding into his butt hole. When Marcus is ready, he leans over the edge of the pool table and hoists one leg up. TJ slides in behind him and starts inching the monster into Marcus's tight butt hole. And you won't believe how much of it Marcus manages to stuff up his ass.

Fucking on a Pool Table

Sucking Cock on a Pool Table

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