I like women, I really do, just not as sexual partners or life mates. I mean let's be honest, without women where are we gonna get all the new hot twinks in 18 or so years from now?

Still, I wonder at how they get so pissed, simply because I call the boyfriend 'bitch' or when walking around and you spot some hot stud in shorts, you refer to them as 'beetches'. I mean let's be honest here, a bitch is simply a female dog, but you sure don't here the Woman's Movement complaining about that usage, now do you?

All this political correctness garbage, is just that. I mean I am Gay and even now, some 'homosexuals' are objecting to the use of that word, because somehow it demeans homosexuals. So what, they'd prefer fag or queer? I mean you can take this political correct stuff a bit too far.

I mean why whine about something like me calling the boyfriend 'a bitch' when Iran executes homosexuals for simply being who God Created? I mean seriously, don't we have more pressing problems than trying to stamp out words that seem offensive to someone?

Like there are no words that won't somehow be offensive to someone.

And while we are on that subject, what the hell is wrong with admiring someone who has a bigger dick than us? Like how is that some sort of mental disorder, as the Shrinks like to say? I grant you, big isn't always better, but damn, nothing beats seeing a huge dick being swallowed whole, or spreading some twinks ass wide.

You would think, with all the effort being made to sanitize words, that life would be a whole lot nicer. Instead gay bashing goes on, Pride Festivals are magnets for hateful protests by the Religious Right, so why can't we simply call things as they are?

I mean sometimes the boyfriend is a bitch. He does howl, bark, just like a female dog in heat, so uh, it kind of fits. (just don't tell him I said that though.) As for being Gay, you bet I am, because I much rather be happy than a gloomy Gus. So nuts to those Political Correct Police.

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