bryce star and rex roddick

Bryce Star is sleeping in bed when his man arrives home from work. The hot thing about having a partner who is a cop is that waking up with a uniformed police man standing beside your bed gets your morning wood revving pretty good. Can you imagine waking up with this handsome and hot cop staring down at you? Edger 9 helps us out with this fantasy.

Rex Roddick is dead tired and he's ready to crawl into bed after a long night shift. But Bryce has other plans. He's had a good night's sleep and he's raring to go. The tattooed stud hauls out his husband's cock, gets it good and hard with this mouth, then he gets down on all fours and offers his ass to this hot cop. Rex pounds his boyfriend's ass, shoots his load all over his ripped abs, then crawls into bed for the sleep he so desperately wanted. Hot!

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