sam o'toole in police uniform

Samuel O'Toole is playing policeman in this scene from his site. He has pulled over Lucas Knight. Samuel is a fair cop, but he's not opposed to getting a bit of on-the-side action whenever he finds a willing cocksucker who wants to get out of a speeding ticket.

Officer Samuel O'Toole takes Lucas home for a private one-on-one session and they're hardly in the door when Lucas is on his knees and wrapping his lips around Samuel's big tool. The cop does some dick sucking, too, climbing on top of Lucas while still wearing his uniform shirt. While O'Toole pumps Lucas' mouth with his large dick, the cop swallows the stiff dick staring him straight in the face.

When O'Toole starts fingering Lucas' wet butt hole, he discovers this guy is up for more than blowjob action. So this highway patrolman bends Lucas over the bed and fucks his sweet ass.

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