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At the Academy Men Training Center things work a little differently. If the prisoners aren't co-operating and giving up the information they're asked for, the police officers have full reign to explore other methods of interrogation. In this discipline scene a young, bald punk is giving the officer a hard time, so the big, burly cop drags him into an interrogation room and binds the prisoner to a metal rig. The officer strips the prisoner down to his underwear, and then, the cop dons a pair of red punching gloves. The police officer is hot -- a big, beefy man, and his massive butt bulges out of his uniform pants. He starts working over his prisoner with the boxing gloves, punching him in the stomach and even giving him a couple in the face, and humiliating him with harsh words and insults. The prisoner's skin starts to redden from the blows, but this burly cop is unrelenting. Off in another interrogation room, two of the training center's instructors have soaped up an inmate and they're shaving his whole body. I have get back over there and see how this four-part video works out.

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