police brutality

Skater boy Josh Slyman gets caught spraying graffiti on private property and cop Nick Moretti is pissed. Nick is going to teach this delinquent a lesson he'll never forget. He subdues Josh and secures his wrists and ankles with zip ties.Officer Nick strings up the skater boy and strips him naked, and binds the guy's cock with another zip tie. Bound and helpless, Josh's ass is soon beet red as the cop pulls off his belt and straps his tender ass. Josh begs for mercy but his pleadings have no effect on Nick, except to make him a bit more angry. He switches to a cane and whips the punk's ass before force feeding his stiff cock into Josh's mouth.

But the best - or worse - is yet to come. Office Nick bends the skater boy over a bench and fucks his ass mercilessly. Josh is a long-time member of gay porn site Bound Gods and he's fantasized about being on the site for quite a while. So, it seems that some fantasies do come true. And what a lucky stud, Nick Moretti is one hot fucking hunk of man and he really knows how to brutalize a slave and help him explore his limits. This is one scene that Josh will be using for jack-off material I'm sure.

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