Police Brutality

Jonathen Cummings is up to no good. When security guard Brook Rogers happens on the scene, he catches Cummings trying to steal mail. Cummings fumbles that he's just picking up his mail, and then, lies again saying he was taking it to the post office. Rogers pushes the young punk to his knees, "You're going to have to suck my dick," he barks. Not wanting to be arrested, Cummings unzips Rogers' pants and starts sucking his dick. But Cummings is going to have to do a whole lot more than that to keep from spending some time behind bars. As Rogers' cock stiffens, he reaches down and slides his hand down the back of Cummings' jean, and then, he orders Cumming to pull them off. Down on all fours, Cummings gets his ass explored with the security guard's long flashlight. And when Rogers' is done fucking Cummings' ass, he orders the ruffian to lie down on the ground, and then, Rogers' gives him a piss bath. Hopefully Cummings has learned his lesson and will change his ways, but after this hot submission scene, I suspect he'll be following Rogers' beat in an effort to get himself into some more trouble.

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