police brutality

Bounty hunter Christian Wilde earns his living catching all kinds of scumbags - bail jumpers, fugitives, drug dealers, con men - you name it. Small-time drug trafficker Sebastian Keys thought he score some cash bringing some dope back across the border from Mexico, but he hadn't counted on running into Christian Wilde. Sebastian is wishing now that he'd thought out his plan a little more.

The cute, young stud finds himself in Christian's private, run-down prison and he'll stay there until the bounty hunter collects his prize. But in Sebastian's case there are two prizes: the cash Christian is going to get for turning this drug-dealing scumbag in to the authorities, and the prize that Christian is going to collect now while these guys have nothing else to do.

The bounty hunter hauls his prize out of his cell, puts him in handcuffs, and strips him naked. Then this cop force feeds this criminal his big cock and makes him deepthroat it. Sebastian endures a harsh and deep butt cavity search; and Christian abuses the stud's cock and balls, rigs him up with some tit clamps, and flogs his ass until it's blazing red. And once Christian opens up Sebastian's ass with his fingers, he rips it wide open with his huge cock. Then in a final act of humiliation, Christian uses his night stick on the con man's fuck hole. By the end of this scene, when Christian is pounding Sebastian's tight hole, you'll hear the drug dealer say, "Please Sir, can I shoot my load now?" And boy does he ever shoot a nice one. Check out the free video preview at Bound Gods; you'll love hearing this drug dealer scream.

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