Polar Bear Daddy Joe

Joe Corlowski of Pantheon Bear could be called many things from his profile - daddy bear, silver daddy, and even a polar bear. That's how I like to see him - a big, cuddly, mature teddy bear. He certainly is a friendly bear too with his disarming smile and thick, slightly furry chest. And that beard of his make this older man admirer shiver with delight and lust. Apparently Joe likes hairy men himself and is real romantic at heart. His ideal date would be lying on a warm beach somewhere in Australia with his significant other. Joe prefers more than just a one night stand. Evident from the pics up top, Joe loves nipple play and showing himself off completely naked as well. So it would have to be a nude beach then? Hey, that's cool. I'm sure there are a lot of them in Australia. Now I just have to go book a plane ticket for down under so I can meet the polar bear of my dreams.

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