Workman Sucking Cock

We've all seen it -- the plumber is down on his hands and knees with his head buried under your kitchen sink, his plaid shirt rises up his back to reveal that ever so sexy plumber's butt crack. Well, in this case, you'll want to see this plumber's butt. Robert Elephante is playing the plumber's apprentice over at Pantheon Bear. He's only been on the job for a few days and now he's being cornered in by the boss in a client's garage. Ford Holland hauls out his big cock and teaches Robert a few things about servicing pipes. Holland is a sexy fucker with a heavily furried chest and a sexy, salt 'n pepper beard. I loved the POV in this video. It's hot watching this cocksucker down on his knees and swallowing Ford's big-nobbed dick. But the boss wants more than a blowjob. While Robert's been sucking dick, his boss has been checking out his furry ass. Ford bends Robert over the washing machine and fucks his beefy ass using some fast, spin-cycle action!

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