PLU Blogs is an innovative "Toplist", listing, in descending order, the most popular gay male blogs on the Internet. What makes it "innovative" is the uniquely 'current' data, listing visits/traffic for each blog on an hourly, then monthly basis. That it updates so rapidly is practically entertaining in its own right. But that it provides the highest-rated blogs among the thousands which are out there is worthwhile for us all who want to see why such a blog is popular and just where they fit in the overall scheme. As well, there are other merits to these terrific listings: 1 - they link immediately to the blog at hand. This gives immediate access to allow us to indulge our curiosity about what make them popular. 2 - PLU Blogs provides a teaser explanation about what occurs in the blogs themselves. They give a small, pocket-sized review which we can use for our own discrimination concerning our personal preferences. That the descriptions are actually very apt, pretty well-written and truly descriptive in so few words is an absolute 'plus' for the discerning surfer. This site is a wonderful asset for anyone who enjoys surfing for porn, allowing us peeks into what makes these sites work so well as well as providing a near-perfect list of sexy sites in general.

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