"They" call it pornography, or porn, or just sick pictures. Seriously, I have to wonder about the Religious Right, the so called Conservatives of the World, that label "pornography" as being dirty, sick, and disgusting.

Okay, yeah some of it can be a bit far out, and a stretch, but let's face it, romance is simply a modern day invention. It really isn't that Religion invented procreation, or that somehow in order to keep the species alive, they came up with romance.

Sex is a natural urge, something that began at the very start of mankind, and well, it is not dirty. It gives pleasure, even if fleeting. It relieves tension, depression, anxiety and a whole lot more, so what if you aren't in love with the person. They are doing you a favor, or you them. Depends on who gets the most benefit, I suppose. Still so many are upset at seeing two people naked, with stiffies.

Pornography serves no useful purpose the purists claim, but fact is, it does serve a purpose. It arouses, stimulates the natural urges one has, and heck, have you seen some of the wives of these Religious Right types? They need all the extra stimulation they can find.

Yet today's society frowns on porn, as being dirty. Yet these same opponents avail themselves of Prostitutes, of Escorts. Remember the famous televangelist that got caught with hiring a prostitute, not once, but twice? Then there is the whole Jim Baker sex scandal, and let's not forget all those politicians who have wetted their wick outside the bonds of holy matrimony.

Porn is about sex, and sex is about having natural emotions. Are those who oppose Porn trying to tell us to deny our natural urges? I mean why do they insist on making their uptight views, everyone elses? I mean take the way that they decry those who have multiple wives, yet in ancient biblical times, multiple wives was common practice. Kind of odd isn't it. And porn is not any different.

Today they bitch about it, heck who was the idiot in Washington that had the statues of David covered up, because they showed the flaccid penis? I mean come on, they want to have their religious symbols put up in State Legislatures, but I can't publicly admire a nice penis?

Then too, let's get real here. Modern day religion is a farce, hypocritical at best, because the biggest porn collection in the world is owned by none other than the Pope. Only difference between his collection and ours, is that his is worth a damn site more than ours.

They naturally call it works of art, but come on. They are showing naked people, in wild orgies, engaging in all kinds of sexual acts, and there is no way that those being shown are all married, loving spouses. Yet that is the biggest argument against porn, that it depicts sex, which has no redeeming value.

So what, the pictures all over the Vatican do? Why, simply because they can fetch a nice tidy sum of money? So can some of the earlier porn pictures too, of the classic porn.

Porn does serve a purpose, it arouses one's natural urges. So what, Viagra is worthy of being promoted on television, in newspaper ads, which has one real purpose, to get people physically hard. So how come a picture of a nice uncut dick is called dirty?

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