Penetration. Choking. Exposure.

The bottom jock is practically floating here. Held up by a couple of fingers and the helium in his pumped nipples. The top pays attention, taking what he wants, maintaining his cool, but ultimately in awe of the bottom's vulnerability.

Homosexuals are a minority group. We hold on tight to whatever control we can get in society, whatever rights, whatever place we can demand or achieve. And part of power is being able to let go. And all of pleasure is about vulnerability. Either letting oneself be touched in a way which nearly overwhelms the senses or being vulnerable enough to demand a man do what you say, what your hands demand he do. Or touching ourselves until we feel pleasure. And not stopping when it feels too good.

I know this is just a picture, just a moment, but it reminds me to let go, to give up control, to float wherever passion takes me. In letting go of everything, we lose nothing and gain everything.

Jockstrap choke

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