star wars fuck

This dude is begging to be captioned and part of me wants to resist. See there is no sexual component to what he's doing. An AT-AT doesn't have an asshole. Otherwise that's where Luke Skywalker would have attacked first. AT-AT stands for "All Terrain Armored Transport" not "All Terrain Anal Toy" (probably).

Though this guy is into body modification. Maybe he carved a hole into that hard plastic and filled the AT-AT with little gay enemy fighters who are even now swarming over his cock with their enemy tongues.

What happened to the good old days when stoned guys who still lived at home with their parents after graduating high school fucked teddy bears and cantaloupes?

The main reason this bugs me is why isn't he fucking the Enterprise, you know, from Star Trek? It looks way more like a vagina. Guys with facial tattoos love vaginas.

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