prisoner fucked by his parole officer

Liam Grant is only 21 years old, but he's already been in a heap of trouble, and he thinks he's a real tough guy. In the beginning, Grant wasn't taking things very seriously. His parole office decided this thug needed an attitude adjustment.

It's been several months since Grant's first meeting with his two parole officers at Parole Him and he knows the drill by now; if he wants to stay in their good graces and keep his ass out of jail, he'll service their cocks and bend over when he's told to.

After a brief check-up on how things have been going, the parole officer starts rubbing his crotch. Grant doesn't even flinch, he just drops to his knees, unbuttons the officer's pants, and starts giving him head. And when the officer's dick is rock hard, Grant stands, Grant pulls down his jeans and gets down on all fours. "Please go easy on my ass, Sir." Easy? He should have thought about that before he thought assaulting people was fun.

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