Planet Homo

Planet Homo is a topical and heady blog, dealing generally with politics, cultural observations and the trends which affect gay life in these times. As such, they bring an enormously important perspective to the ongoing battle ground between Conservative causes (if that word even applies) and the lifestyles and quality of life which gay people might enjoy. Naturally, the gulf is somewhat wide, yet closing, as a graph in this interesting blog reveals. Acceptance in the Unites States, surprisingly perhaps, is growing yearly, and in large increments.It helps that political and social commentators such as this act fearlessly and relentlessly in counterattacking those preposterous absurdities claimed by what is "the opposition." This blog's style is straightforward and enlightening in many ways, highlighting major statements of national and international stature and showing them for what they are. Yes, Planet Homo also goes on great gay forays now and then - into comedy and into taking just a few quick looks at the hottest men on the planet. But the overall addition they make is in the cultural/social/political sphere, being courageous and outspoken. These people are sharp and their message is on point. If I may say, this - or something like this - should be required browsing just to stay abreast of events around us which affect us all.

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