Who will win your heart (and hard on) in this battle? Is it the locker room poser in video one? He gets extra points for bending over. Such an amazing ass, the posing strap hides almost none of it. Sometimes wearing something makes a guy even more naked somehow. Basically his ass breaks the laws of physics.

Or is it this eager bodybuilder who takes it all so seriously? He clearly reads bodybuilding magazines, not just buying them as jerk off material. He's in a different bodybuilding class than the first guy so both can be winners. Yes, it's safer that way. Wouldn't want either to lose and get all mad and put me in a headlock or something.

Or possibly the winner is all the vintage posers in this compilation video? Certainly the soundtrack puts you in that period mood (although the dates of some of those tunes do not coincide directly with all the pics). It's goofy as hell and nobody who bought those muscle mags at the corner newsstand was fooling anyone. If any of those models are still around, they'd be in their 60s or older. I wonder if they still rock their thongs? I bet some of them are still hitting the gym and lingering in the showers, wanting attention. Here's to you fellas, for having broken the thong barrier and creating thong booms that still resonate today.

Well I'm going to give the win to all the vintage posers. Will that piss off the first two guys? Hopefully! Then one may put me in a headlock, pinning my body to his, while the other pulls my pants down, gives me a wedgie, and spanks me. Yeah, I really would hate for that to happen. Plus who's going to clean their posing straps after? Guess it will have to be me. No, really, back off. It will be me!

And here's what muscle stud Derek Atlas (second cousin of the mythical Atlas who holds up the Earth) looks like without a posing strap on.

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