Pit Stalker

No, not someone who wanders around mines looking for sexy coal miners; and not someone who hangs out under the stage with the orchestra either. Pit Stalker is the name of a site where you find sexy pics of sexy men showing off their sexy armpits, pure and simple. It is also a book, a collection of images that have appeared on the site; 200 pages and available form Blurb, according to one of the pages on the site. Well worth having a look at and not, I have to say this, to be sniffed at.

Meanwhile, the free site also features a preview and gallery of guys and this is where you find the images you were hoping to see. There are plenty of them and they are very varied, and they all show off their pits of course. These are amateur models who come in all shapes and sizes, with their topless-ness in common, in various states of undress, but not nude. And the last little piece of great news is that there is also a page where you can get in touch if you want to be a model. There are certain criteria, and a link. Who knows? You too could end up appearing in a photo book.

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