Pissed Idiot Groped and Fingered in WC Pissed Idiot Groped and Fingered in WC

So it goes like this: Billy is on a big night out with some guys, he's been drinking and with his guard lowered, he trusts a questionable character that's been hanging around. Mysteriously, his clothes have started to disappear. In nothing but pants, Billy staggers to the urinals for a piss the club toilets.

As sometimes pissed guys do, Billy chats with another guy taking a leak in a urinal next to him, who in a display of camaraderie, but with sinister intentions, joins in with Billy's total nudity to bring the horseplay to a sexual level.

Billy thinks it is a game, stood totally naked and now with a bunch of other men, fully clothed standing around, looking at his naked body and beginning to touch sensitive areas. Absolutely oblivious, and still thinking this is just a bit of jerking around, the young lad fails to notice that these groping hands are wandering ever closer to his exposed arsehole. What an idiot! But so very arousing for us perverts to watch the hot lad getting humiliated by the CMNM men!

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