'Pinoy Hot Men' may not have the literary ring of "The Old Man and The Sea" or, say, eHarlequin's "Operation: Forbidden," but the thing it does have is lots and lots and lots of videos of Asian men doing things you've only heard about in church. And, frankly, it doesn't come a moment too soon. As porn 'tube' sites continue their forward march, providing free porn to millions of needy adults around the world, the Asian clips you've come to risk your day jobs for to watch are now being housed under one roof. At least some of them are.

The clips themselves range from Pinoy boys in rural and urban settings, professionally and not-so-professionally shot, to clips of Korean, Chinese and Japanese guys sucking, fucking, poking, prodding, kissing, licking and cumming in an environment of such abandon, nation-states have been known to fall under lesser conditions!

Muscle Prince, that Vietnamese Internet sensation with the preternaturally large cock from the mid-to-late 00s, is featured prominently (as he should be) along with a variety of other men in a variety of shapes and sizes. (That alone is worth the price of admission in our Body Nazi gay culture.) The clips range in length from a minute to upwards of ten minutes and longer. Naturally trying to get off on works of art of limited duration presents its share of problems. But it's pretty hot going so it shouldn't be too hard to find your way to a satisfactory climax the first hundred times or so. And besides, the site is young and needs time to grow.

So support your local Asian tube site, in this case PinotHotMen.com, and visit, contribute, share and help build a much-needed resource in the gay porn community.

(A few suggestions/observations to the webmaster: Why do you have those icons appearing in the center of the screen when you mute the sound on the clip? Also, the level of pop-up advertising is maddening. You should try contacting Boykakke, Jet Wang and/or Bentley Race among others and invite them to advertise on your site. I get that you have huge server costs but the advertising can be so aggressive it often obscures the video thereby defeating the point of even having the site.)

Pinot Hot Men

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