Ok. So all the free porn is great as well as all the resource listings etc. You can never have enough porn in my opinion. But here's something a little off the beaten path. Pinoy Gay Blogs seems to be a listing of gay owned sites from folks in the Phillipines. Personal, artistic, reflective and even business oriented. All are featured in an easy to browse context and without any popups, banners, or excessive advertisements. I'm being conservative in my estimate that there are a lot of sites listed. For the number is astounding. Aside from what you see right in the main area of the front page, once you start clicking on the links in the left sidebar you should understand what I'm talking about I'm sure. "Alex At Large" is a very funny journey into a cute young guy's life, while "Breaking Barriers" shows off some really cool artwork and web design. So there's something for everyone here. Just surf away and have some fun. I did.

Click here to visit Pinoy Gay Blog

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