Look! Up in the air! It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's a Pierre Fitch Reality TV Show!

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably either seen a Pierre Fitch movie, watched a Pierre Fitch clip, been to a dance club where Pierre has DJ-ed or had sex with one of the many rubberized versions of one of his body parts (sorry, folks, no plans for a Pierre Fitch rubberized spleen) sometime in the last year. But just in case you haven't, good news! Walter Collins, the award-winning, Australian native has premiered two ten-or-so minute clips which will be used for a full-length feature reality program (what us old folk used to call documentaries) on Pierre entitled: "My Life: A Porn Star".

Pierre Fitch and Walter Collins

These slickly-produced clips show what Down-Under-fave DNA Magazine has described as, "a fly-on-the-wall production that will see him share a house, the life, the world and travels of Pierre, who is gearing up for an Australian DJ tour." And, frankly, after watching almost a half hour of just such things, I felt I could have slept for a week! Say what you will about Pierre, but the guy is clearly in possession of a superhuman strain of DNA that allows him to practically operate sleepless.

The video also tries to balance this gargantuanly hung superstar's appeal with his less known and, some would argue, his less likable trait: Pierre can be very exacting and knows what he wants. (Note to photographers: NO FIFTY-YEAR-OLD MEN!)

I spoke to Pierre who, in all fairness, has been incredibly gracious with me every time I've had contact with him and he had this to say about the whole experience: "I'm totally amazed on how my documentary turned out it was the most amazing thing I have yet done. Thank you, Walter." (As of now, the reality show is planning to air on Australian cable only. But if I know Pierre, he'll market the rubberized shit out of it!) 

So, have you watched the clips? What do you think? Has it changed your mind for better or for worse about Pierre? Did you learn anything new about Messr. Fitch? Do you plan on watching the reality show if you can?

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