What makes Falcon model Pierre Fitch so hot is his rare combination of bad-boy muscle and vulnerability. With his tattoos and his very macho appearance, he seems almost a little dangerous, which is always a turn-on. But then when you look into his eyes or see him smile, he's more like the boy next door. And there's one more thing about Pierre - he has a really big cock!

I got to like Pierre after he gave me a login to check out the member area of his paysite, Pierre Fitch Online (read the review i did of his site). He brought a sense of fun to his pics and videos, even while he had that big piece of meat between his legs hard for the camera.

Pierre was really nice to talk with, and was also very approachable so I asked him a few questions - things I was curious about, and I hope you are, too. Here's the quetsions and his answers:

Question: "How did you first get into porn?"

Pierre: "I got into porn when I turned 18. I always wanted to become a porn star from when I was younger so once I turned 18 I first went to search on the internet to applied for some work. The first site was HMBoys then so on. And now I'm still in the biz."

Question: "What's the best thing being in porn has done for you?"

Pierre: "Well, it has brought me to a different life style where I get to travel a lot and also it is my regular job so I don't have to wake up to go to some normal job every day. I made lots of new friend also by being in this business. You get to meet a lot of nice people."

Question: "Do you have any new movies coming out from falcon?

Pierre: Yes I do have some new movies coming out called "Big Dick Club" and "Spoke III"."

Question: "I hear you have some changes in mind for your site, Pierre Fitch Online. Can you tell us a little about that?"

Pierre: "Yes:) For my website I'm actually having it redesigned and also I have added Pierre Fitch Dollar for webmaster to promote and make money. I will be adding a lot of new things in my members area like a journal soon, a web cam and always much more too come."

After talking with Pierre, I wanted to find out more about him to I decided to check out a couple of his movies. There are reasons Pierre is a rising porn star, and his thick 8 1/2" cock is definitely one of them - woof! My favorite is called Though the Woods and it's almost a little red riding hood story featuring Pierre on a walk through the woods. He finds a hunky blond woodsman and 3 dirty sex pigs - then has an interesting time with Gus the big bad wolf. I also liked seeing Pierre as a cock-hungry student in Longshot.

I hope we'll be seeing a lot more of Pierre Fitch. He's got looks, boyish charm, a hot body and a big dick. I suspect Pierre Fitch Online will do pretty well - we'll be sure and visit it in a few months to let you know how it's doing. In the meantime, keep an eye out for Pierre's up and cumming movies!

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