Yesterday the "wife" & I were out trolling at the local shopping mall. I mean it was a Saturday and well, it was rather a nice break to go down to the local mall, to see all the hot stuff walking around, and let me say, there were a ton. Still, we also checked into our local cel phone store, to ask about an issue with our phones, and the sales clerk had one of those piercings, in his lower lip.

I don't know but for me it was rather, well, a turn off. To be honest, I can't tell you if he was cute or not, or if he had sexy eyes, or anything else about him. All I can recall is that silver little loop sticking out from his lower lip, and it made me wonder about those who do body piercings.

My biggest question is, Why?

Some say it is about making a statement, others say it is a fad, or some other disorder that makes people pierce their body. Like really, sticking a needle through the foreskin of your dick, then ramming some metal tube through it? Like what is that all about?

I know I am getting old, though piercings are ancient too. Not like they are anything new, but there does seem to be a lot of guys into it, which makes me wonder a bit about it. Is it some sign of masculinity or just a means of trying to be unique? Though how one can be unique if everyone else is doing it, escapes me, the fact is that is some standard type answers by those who have them.

And where they all are also is rather, well, weird to me. I don't get why you would stick one through your tongue? Does it really make sucking a dick tastier, or help the other person get off better? I wish I knew, as never did have a guy suck me off wearing a tongue piercing, and no way is the wife getting one, so guess that will remain a mystery to me.

Same thing with a PA, or Prince Albert, as they call a piercing of the dick head. Like that really just doesn't seem safe to me, condom or not. I mean the truth is, it would seem to be more risky, and how a condom doesn't rip with that stud moving around, is beyond me too. Course, the bottom line is, how does it feel?

Now I can sort of see it for anal sex, but what about oral sex? Sucking on a dick with a metal thingee, just, well seems a bit unpleasant, both from the perspective of the guy being sucked off, as well as the guy doing the sucking. Then what about the kissing? Like that has to be awkward, or how about when you are running your hand up and down, and tweaking the odd nipple, only to find some cold metal stud dangling from it?

Seems too, that many never are satisfied with just one either. I mean the eyebrows, the nose, the lips, nipples, dick, balls, belly, and on it goes, but why? Does it turn you on to see those shiny bits of metal swinging as they take off their clothes? Like what kind of attraction is it?

Then too, what if they remove the piercings, while having sex? How can that be safe, for them? Doesn't those openings allow for an easier spread of infections? And how is it safe for those on the receiving end? I mean if they have these holes, that hold bacteria and other nasty stuff, doesn't the risk of transmission increase?

Now I have heard that some say it helps improve the sensitivity in that area, that it makes them feel more, but how? Would seem to me that as the hole heals, the nerves will have been damaged in that spot, and that the exact opposite would happen, that one would feel less, not more.

It is all so confusing, but then I do have to smile a bit too. I mean can you see some old geezer like me, going through an airport security and setting off the alarms, because of a stainless steel hoop in my dick? Now how in hell would one explain that one to the dumpy female security agent?

Course that also brings up the mental image of having it done. Like if you are getting your dick or balls pierced, obviously some stranger has to grab hold, and well, nature does have a way of springing things on a fella with his dick in someone's hand, now doesn't it?

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