Pierced Hairy Guy

Nicholas Torri is a chunk of burnin' love and he's giving us a tour of his pierced and hairy body. UK Naked Men has the knack of finding the hottest guys, and they usually offer us a nice mixture of British and European guys. Nicholas is stripping naked in this outdoor photo shoot. He looks likes he fresh off the soccer field with his shorts and knee-high, yellow socks. He pulls the waistband of his shorts down just far enough so we can see the base of his cock. And it looks like it's going to be a thick one. Once he fishes it out, it's a nice meaty dick with a mushroom head. And as he lies back in a lounge chair and strokes his dick, that plump cock head gets very bulbous. Nicholas spreads his legs and gives us an eye full of his hairy asshole, but that's not all, both his scrotum and balls are pierced. His testicle piercing is apparent right away, but it's not until Nicholas starts playing with his balls that we see the guiche or scrotal piercing. Nicholas pulls off his socks and gives them a whiff while rubbing his sneaker against his big balls. Nicholas is a kinky fucker and you'll want to check him out.

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