Piefolk, otherwise known as "The Baking Misadventures Of A Brooklyn Funnyboy", might just be the most entertaining read I have had in weeks - and I've been knee deep in fiction. Mike's site is nearly intimidating to review owing to his obvious perceptiveness and his shameless raking of pretensions in general, but of course, that's never stopped me yet! There is a terrifically irreverent style to this extremely well-written, nicely-paced blog site that makes one keep turning the pages. The very notion that baking - pies no less! - would form the nexus around which social commentary, gay sex and the random perceptions of the author would revolve becomes as organic in reality as the flour he uses in his concoctions. Oh - by the way - his stuff looks fucking delicious. No - I'm being serious. That's some good-looking food. He visits and corresponds with other bakers, including one very noteworthy one at this site, who is a pioneer. Mike is also a pioneer, but his pioneering gets him laid, gets him involved with many others who, like me, are interested in his well-done work here, for more reasons than I have room for. This is just a fabulously creative, rather amazing site, notable for the personality behind the art but damn near equally cool if you're hungry. No need to elaborate on this.

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