Photos Biron

Photos Biron celebrates multicultural male images. Or perhaps that should be: it celebrates multicultural males in selected images by photographer Biron? Don't be put off by the look of the site's home page, as it might first strike you as being some kind of thumbnail gallery or an advertisement page. The design has that feel about it. But take a moment to check the text and it all makes sense. You will find over 200 galleries here and there are numbered pages to guide you through them. They open in new windows and when you open an image from one gallery, you then navigate through the rest one by one; so start a galley at the first image. You find guys from all over the world caught in studio poses, art photography and in the wild, as it were, at Pride and other events.

Scroll around and down and find videos by Biron, a truly inventive artist and photographer. I also found links to other sites but there was a continuous thread of multiculturalism running through everything I saw here. It is an eclectic mix of guys and shots, all celebrating men and the male nude, and all definitely worth a look.

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