The laundry room is really for cleaning things, but when the boyz are as horny, smooth, hot and hung as Phillip and Kirk, it takes on a whole new purpose at Boyz Party. Starting out with a passionate kiss, as soon as Kirk feels Phillip's huge cock throbbing against him, he wants it in his mouth and needs it in his ass - and Phillip is more than glad to oblige. Add some deep penetration during the spin cycle and laundry day will never be a chore you want to put off again: "Put it in" will be the operative phrase! Oh yeah!


I just adore watching a young guy bending over to take a big cock up his hoop. Especially a boy with as nice an ass as Kirk's. So round and firm. So youthful and curious. Of course, let's not forget Phillip's thick dickmeat. He's quite well hung for a smaller stature guy.


Imagine walking in on this while going to do your laundry in your building! I know where my hands and tongue would be in an instant. I'm sure Kirk wouldn't mind a hot mouth around his rod while Phillip drives him deep and hard.


There's a fantastic closeup to show you just how thick Phillip is. Nice huh? These young dudes are really turing me on. Wow! I may just head on over to Boyz Party to see some more. If all the action is like this over there then I can't see anything but a good time. Wouldn't you agree?

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