philip's first time

Philip is 20 years old and he only lost his virginity to a girl six months ago. And in this video, as he loses his virginity to another guy, he's giggly and nervous. Philip is a wrestler and mixed martial arts guy and he's a linebacker, too. He's adorably cute with dark, soulful eyes and very plump, kissable lips.

And Travis, who was paired up with this cute stud, said about Philip's first guy-on-guy experience, "He's a natural at this." One has to wonder if Philip is on a journey of sexual discovery; he was after all attracted to wrestling, and I always wonder how wrestlers feel with their opponent's bulge pushing into their faces. And Philip was a late bloomer sexually - maybe he's got a few things to learn about things, or maybe I'm reading too much into the situation.

When Travis and Philip start kissing, the nerves disappear and Philip responds passionately. Quickly enough, Philips shirt and pants are on the floor and Travis is sucking Philip's dick. His cock is rock hard and he asks, "Why am I the only one naked?" As Travis strips out of his clothes he asks if Philip has ever touched a cock before. "None other than my own," he says, grabbing Travis's big dick and stroking it slowly.

Philip also sucks his first dick and the two guys end up in 69 session with Philip sitting on Travis's face. But they don't waste a lot of time with foreplay, Philip is eager to fuck Travis's ass. But Travis wants to show him how it's done, so he mounts Philip and ride his cock. Philip learns quickly and power drills him, and as you can see, it has quite an effect on Travis - look at that cum explosion. Philip then straddles Travis and creams his face with a thick, milky load of spunk! Corbin Fisher asked Philip how he enjoyed his first gay porn shoot and Philip said, "Oh, I'll definitely be back!" And we'll be looking for you Philip.

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