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Philip is a 20-year-old straight guy who did his first jerk-off video on Corbin Fisher a few weeks ago. Then he got to fuck a girl on Amateur College Sex. With the promise of more of that, Philip did his first fuck scene with a guy. Then he did a tag-team fuck scene for Amateur College Sex. This week, it's time to pay the piper again and Philip is getting boned for the first time.

Philip is more than a little nervous and it's understandable - Cain has a huge cock. The guys start kissing to get Philip relaxed. After chewing on Cain's big nipples, Philip starts slobbering all over that big uncut cock of his. While Philip doesn't need much help, Cain grabs Philip by the hair and pushes his cock down Philip' s throat: "Let's see how far deep you can get, huh?" Cain says.

Philip lies back on the bed with his head hanging over the edge, and Cain forces his cock down Philip's throat. He makes Philip suck his balls, and later, his toes. You could tell Philip was a little surprised by this. Cain spits on his hand and starts working his fingers into Philip's tight fuck hole. "I can't wait to fuck it. I'm gonna fuck it so good," Cain says. Cain orders Philip to mount him and starts easing his big, hard cock into Philip's ass. Once Philip's ass relaxes Cain breaks him in. Philip whimpers and even yells out as Cain drives his big cock into his ass harder and faster. After some doggy-style fucking Philip lies on his back, and with Cain drilling him hard, Philip sprays cum all over his stomach. Cain blows inside Philip's ass and then pulls out the condom to show off his big load.

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