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Philip has a dilemma: he likes topping other guys, but he says that he has such incredible orgasms when he's got a dick up his ass. Cameron had just recently finished a scene where he fucked one of the Corbin Fisher guys in front of his fiancee, Olivia, so he was still primed and ready to go.

Philip and Chase proved to have good chemistry together. The guys start out kissing and licking each other's nipples. "You're so sexy," Philip says, as Chase kisses Philip's underwear bulge. The guys swap head in a 69 cocksucking session, and while Philip is chowing down on his cock, Chase spits on his hole and starts fingering it. Then Philip starts fingering Chase's butt hole. So both guys are sucking cock and fingering each other's ass at the same time - too hot.

Chase has a thick cock, so it takes Philip a minute to slide it all the way into his ass. But when he does, he rides with gusto! As he bounces on Chase's dick, Philip's own cock is flopping around furiously. For the finale, Chase is pounding Philip and has one of Philip's legs hoisted over his shoulder, then Chase says, "I want you to fucking cum." So Philip jerks his cock and shoots one of his intense I've-got-a-dick-in-my-ass cum shots all over his belly. Then Chase pulls out and douses his cum-soaked buddy with another load of spunk. Hot!

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