Phenix Saint shows off his tattoos and cock

When a porn star says to the world: "That's it! I'm done with porn!", many of us now know that it's probably just a stunt to raise their profile and possibly get the MORE WORK! So now that one of the hunkiest studs in porn, Phenix Saint, has said that he was retiring from doing any more porn, a lot of crying homos are asking: is this real or will we be seeing this stud for some time to cum?

Well, Phenix has been working for a long time for, and the released a statement saying that he had told them that once he turned 30 that it would be a cut off point, and that his last scene with another studly cock boy Bobby Clark would be released this month.

Well, I dunno if I truly believe this "retirement". It would be a loss 'cos Phenix did bring a lot of raw heat to most of his scenes, but for some reason I truly don't think that this will be the last we will be seeing from him. The Sword believes that Phenix will not be retired for too long as they had a scoop from someone that works in a gay porn production company that he was shooting another scene in L.A this week!

We shall see if that scene will really be the last or not, but for now let's wish Phenix well in whatever he decides to do! (You know gay porn is always a good option!)

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