Phenix Saint probably has one of the most recognizable faces in gay porn at the moment, and with sexy good looks like his, it's not hard to see why that is! Phenix has bottomed like a dick starved slut, and of course he has also topped like stallion in heat, so when it cums to versatility this dude has got all his bases covered.

It's this versatility - and of course his raw sexual heat - that has lead studio to sign an exclusive deal with Phenix that will not only see him returning to the studio as an exclusive, but will also have him taking a more creative job behind the camera. He will be coming up with concepts for some scenes and could even be directing some of them!

Phenix has said that he is thrilled to be working ONLY for and that he is looking forward to creating and directing scenes that will be "very intense, aggressive and unfiltered." Wow, it really does sound like he's gonna really get into his new role, and I can't wait to see what tricks this sexy fucker has up his sleeve! It will surely be the ultimate hotness!

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