Peter Stallion is back. Remember him? He's the Prague import who made a name for himself doing straight gang bang videos, and he is back to give us another show. This 22 year old horn dog is always 'up' for action. He laughed when Circle Jerk Boys asked him if fucking on camera is any different than fucking in the privacy of his own bed. He just loves to fuck, and doesn't distinguish between his personal or professional activities. He just does his thing. An awful lot, too. Peter has anywhere from 3-7 lovers back home that constantly need his cock. 'Sometimes it's like work for me because I need to do it!' he laughs. Fortunately, he loves to do it, and with every new experience, his appetite for more and different experiences grows.


Peter loves pushing the sexual envelope with naive girls and making them do things they normally wouldn't. The rest of his lovers can't get enough of Peter, and he's always in demand. Well, we're not that naive or as easy to shock as those girls back home; but, we can't get enough of this 'Stallion' either!


Now there's a cock made for porn! Long and thick and with just the right amount of foreskin, any self-respecting cocksucker, male of female, could make good work of that big dong.


Straight or not I could show this serious hunk what it's all about with my tongue buried deep in his gorgeous ass. And I'm quite sure he wouldn't care who was doing it either. Perhaps I'd even get lucky, finding an opportunity to stick a finger or two up that pooper. Yeah, sometimes Circle Jerk Boys even better themselves and that's saying a lot. I think they did that here with this sizzling dude. Mmm mmm.

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