In keeping with what appears to be a micro-trend with me lately, I will, without the help of wires, ropes, brambly fruit-scented lube or deception of any kind, weave together a tale of Asian sexuality married to technology.

When I last posted, I mentioned that the Chinese had finally put forth an answer to the age old conundrum: Is there a better way to collect semen? Today, one of my favorite people in the whole world after Santa and everyone and anyone in Division I college wrestling - Mister Peter Le - has begun the hard work of scientific inquiry to find out exactly where you stand on anal sex.

That's right. Gay or straight. Male of female. Ass or assless. It's your turn to participate in one of the largest full-scale studies every conducted by a gay porn star on the hows, whys and whats of the anal connection.

I'm not sure what the results will bring or how the information will be used - Peter assures us that all of the answers are completely confidential - but there is one thing I'm absolutely certain of: If there is one person on the planet who is supremely qualified to lead us in that all-important discussion of anal sex, it's the ass master himself, Peter Le.



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