Peter Le Blazing A Trial For Other Asians

Peter Le has a mission. It is not to be the biggest gay Asian porn star in the world. He has already accomplished that. His goal is to have other gay men see Asians as a major force in the gay porn industry. Peter hopes that by blazing a trail, other Asian men will follow. By becoming a top performer in the gay porn industry.

Starting out in modelling, Peter quickly felt limited in that industry. He tells TimeOut Hong Kong "I always felt that Asian models had to push themselves harder," says Le. "I was told that I wouldn't go far because I was Asian. So I wanted to break the Asian stereotypes - and there are a lot out there."

Because of the stereotypes Gay Asians encounter, being seen as more feminine than masculine, Peter began carving out a niche with his own website PeterFever. This is where five-foot-four Asian guys are the dominant performer. Over muscular, six-foot-one Caucasians, who would bottom. Says Peter, "We're showing that this happens and that there are options out there. Asian men are sexy - and I want us in the spotlight."

He has even created a web-series entitled The Asiancy. It features an ethnically diverse cast of cute guys who are all horny and have tons of sex with each other. Its popularity has generated tons of applications from Asian guys wanting to be on the show. But it is hard to find just the right Asian performer. There still continues to be a lack of Asian talent who can perform on camera. Ironically his second largest fan-base is from Hong Kong, and Peter hopes to source talent from there.

But the most burning question fans have for Peter is his sexuality. For the record is he gay, bi or straight? Says Peter "The public wants to know whether you're straight or gay - but they can't define what bi is. My straight friends think I'm too gay and my gay friends think I'm too straight. Let's leave it at that."

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