Peter Boots hails from Manhattan New York and is 42 years old. His main interests are, as he puts it - "lots of bondage, from light to very intense, breath control, rough play, rubber, electricity, flogging, dog play, public playing -- in fact, most SM." When the main page opens up you'll have a few links to choose from - "London", "New York", "About Me", and "NYC Bondage Course". The city links will take you to a guide for a lot of cool places in each particular area where you can engage in all your favourite kinks. "NYC Bondage Course" is a beginner's training session where you can get a lot of your questions answered and find out much more about this fetish. Beware that some of the things you will see here and from some of the other links will be quite extreme. If these kinds of activities upset you, I advise you not to check this site out. However, if you're a twisted and adventurous sort like myself and Peter Boots, you may have just found a great resource.

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